Buenas is a Design Studio that focuses on designing brand identities. 
It targets female entrepreneurs creating strategic, valuable and meaningful brands.

Buenas is a greeting in spanish, it also means something good. The inspiration for the name came while living in Buenos Aires.
It's catchy, fun and joyful! 

Hola! I'm Julia. I am the founder and creative director of Buenas Design Studio. I'm a brand designer, content creator and an advertiser. Also, I'm a traveler - that's why the studio is international and it's themed in this universe! I love learning about new cultures, languages and meeting new people. I have more than 4 exchanges under my belt and I've been a digital nomad for over a year, and now I'm living in Bariloche! Every day, I see new colors, new places and new people. When I add the experiences I’ve had in recent years to my keen eye, something incredible happens! And the best I can offer to take your brand further is exactly this unique perspective.

Traveling is the best creativity fuel!  You go into the unknown. Feel different aromas, have different visual stimulus, taste a completely unusual cuisine and your mind opens... you are in constant contemplation of the new. And what is better than the new, to generate new ideas? 

Thank you :)
Let's travel together! buenas.design

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