The Roof is a premium and artsy hotel & spa located in Ushuaia, Argentina. 
The goal was to have a logo that conveys the idea of having a roof over it in a very minimal way. The typeface chosen is a sleek, modern sans-serif, with a touch of rustic warmth to reflect the brand's refined yet earthy aesthetic. The color palette is muted and natural, with shades of forest green and earthy browns, to further emphasize the connection to the surrounding environment.
The identity was designed with handmade paints to convey the idea of personalization and attention to detail. The visual universe was created to give a sense of warmth, welcoming, and crafted with care atmosphere, perfectly capturing the essence of The Roof as a premium, creative & artsy retreat nestled in the heart of Ushuaia's breathtaking wilderness, where every detail is handcrafted with the guests in mind to provide them a wonderful experience so they truly feel welcomed.
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